Monitoring Your Business Social Network Identity

Have you Googled your business recently? For fun, people often see what gets pulled up when they Google their name. While it’s entertaining to see all of these results, there is a serious side that should be addressed. Google your business name and see what shows up in the first three pages. Are the images relevant? Are there negative things being said about you and your business? Online reputation holds more clout than ever before; it can and does make or break a business. Taking a few minutes, twice a month, to investigate your online identity can save you time, money and energy.

Google Your Business Name

Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world. Potential customers and your current client base will be checking to see whether your “online” reputation is negative or positive on a frequent basis. This is why it is crucial to Google your business name on a frequent basis, preferably on a bi-monthly basis. This is a quick, easy and free way to find out what the world thinks of your business, and how you can improve your reputation.

Google will tell you which social networks are buzzing about your business. Is your target demographic more active on Twitter or Facebook? Are your customers spending a lot of time watching videos on YouTube? Has your customer base embraced location based tracking sites? Google will answer all of these questions for you, providing you with a lot of information backed by solid research. What should a business do once they have a good idea of what their social network identity encompasses?

Mainstream Your Social Network Identity

Once it’s been determined where your customers and potential customers are, it makes sense to focus your attention on these platforms. For example: 67% of your business spends more time on Facebook. They are commenting on posts, asking questions on your fanpage wall and sharing your content on their wall. They are pushing your business to become viral on Facebook with or without feeling pressure. They aren’t being paid to like your business or share your business with their friends, which will result in new customers. These new customers may be outside of the natural business circle of influence. With this knowledge, you are in a pivotal position to leverage this activity to ensure profitable results.

Businesses spend thousands of dollars to market their business in order to make a profit. Many of these dollars are spent in ineffective ways that do not yield optimal results. Using Google, a free tool, to discover where a businesses target market is spending their time is priceless. This information can then be used as a way to make sure that each marketing dollar is well spent. A business will almost always make a profit when they take the product to said customer. Effective marketing produces ideal results; Google will be a huge asset in achieving this outcome.